Neroli is life

A little while a go a friend sent me this blog post to read and it quite literally changed my life.  I had no idea I even had anxiety, I just figured I was stressed to almost breaking point every day and that was my normal. 

A  nice way to live right?  Not so much.

After reading the blog post I promptly added Neroli to my next LRP order. When it arrived I had no expectations. I just thought I would give it a crack.  My absolute most stressful time of the day is between 7.30 and 8am. Trying to get the kids and myself ready, lunches, clothes on - clothes off - clothes on. Is dinner out? What are we even having? Where is your folder? You had homework, what? Why didn't you tell me!'  Come on, we have 5 minutes. Where are your shoes? Did you bring your jacket home? You get the idea. It usually involves a lot of yelling and sometimes words I am not proud of. I am definitely not my best person during this time. This was Neroli's first test. I rolled it on the back of my neck at 7.30am and then forgot about it. By 8am we were in the car, everyone dressed, all jobs done, no rushing and no tears. Just happy faces ready to face the day. What just happened? 

I tried it a second time the next morning. It worked, again. You see, nothing had actually changed in the household. All the same jobs remained. The kids still were as slow as snails. Shoes were still lost but it was my reaction to the situation that changed. I was much calmer. No yelling. No frantic rushing. Just happily getting the household ready for the day. It was seriously incredible. The children were so much happier, I was happier, we had our mornings back.

Neroli now lives in my handbag and comes everywhere with me. She gets quite the work out in the office during the day and my colleagues often ask to borrow her. I gladly pass my lovely Neroli over as I know, I know she works.

Neroli comes in a 'touch' roller bottle which is already diluted and ready to go.  If you think you need Neroli in your life, contact me and I'll hook you up. B x