Hi! My name is BJ and am a mother of two living in Tasmania, Australia.  Family and living a balanced, healthy life are the most important things to me. My daughter, Lily aged 7, always seemed to be coming down with something. She would pick up anything that was going around and was constantly sick. She also suffers from allergies and has had chronic eczema since 3 months of age. Since then I have been trying every single thing I can to try and make her "well" and healthy. Last year alone she had 25 sick days off school, yes 25! This year everything has changed. I finally took some advice that was given to me  and introduced Essential Oils into our family and guess what? So far she has had ZERO sick days this year! I have now introduced these incredible Essential oils into our entire household and this blog is to share all the wonderful changes they have made to our lives. Thank you so much for joining me.